The Psychedelic Legacy: Exploring the 70s'

In the enchanting era of the 1970s, a subculture emerged that would forever define a generation. The flower power youth movement, characterized by its commitment to peace, love, and harmony, took the world by storm. Embarking on a journey fueled by the exploration of consciousness, they delved into the depths of their own minds through the use of mind-altering substances, namely Lysergic acid Synthetic Diethylamide (LSD).

Under the influence of LSD, the flower power youth experienced a profound shift in consciousness. Colors became more vibrant, sounds seemed to merge and dance, and the boundaries between self and other dissolved. In this hallucinatory state, the concept of time lost its grip, and the ego dissolved into a vast, interconnected web of cosmic energy.Amid this captivating era, one man's music resonated deeply with the flower power youth. Jimi Hendrix, often hailed as one of the greatest guitarists in history, became the embodiment of electric power and psychedelic magnificence. His frenetic guitar solos and explosive stage presence channeled the essence of LSD-induced euphoria, acting as a sonic bridge toward higher dimensions.

In this track Sonyka tried to redesign a personal sounding Hendrix guitar mixed with a very special electronic background in order to bring back the listener to that vibrant period of music history.

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